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The most popular questions

  • Q: Which philosophy guides this office?
  • Q: What is KARST’s history?
  • Q: Why KARST?
  • Q: How can I contact KARST?
A: Focusing on your goals The office follows clear-cut values and traditions. Its focus on your mandate is the very foundation of these principles. This means that your challenges are the office’s challenges, best summarized in the credo: “Your goals".
A: The office was founded in 2015 by Dr. Björn Karst, a lawyer having graduated in both, law and business sciences (Dipl.-Kfm.). During his studies and legal clerk ship, he gained legal, diplomatic and business experience working with national as well as international public institutions and law firms with stations in Germany, China and the Philippines. Before Dr. Karst opened the office bearing his name, he was employed as a German focal person for European SMEs at the Bangkok (Thailand) branch of an international law firm. Since then, KARST has grown, i.a. by cooperating with selected service partners, for instance establishing a helpdesk of a well-known German wage tax association.
A: Derived from the office’s philosophy, clients especially value the following standards: A sense of responsibility. With KARST you are not “just a client”, but someone who trusts the office with a serious matter. This trust is at the very heart of every client-lawyer relation and begets a duty to act in the best interest of the client. Therefore, whether you come from a corporate or private background, your challenges will be met with the same fast and emphatic resolve. Professional, solution seeking attitude. As a matter of course, you will be provided with high class legal knowledge and information on your case. However, it is the office’s standard to develop practical solutions you can work with in your future proceedings. For instance, business and tactical advice is regularly part of recommendations. Quality over quantity. Revenue goals drive many law firms to accept more clients than they have capacity for or work in unfamiliar areas. This, obviously, is not a sustainable approach. For this reason, KARST only accepts cases fitting its practice areas up to its load limit. You can be assured that new mandates will rather be declined, before escalating workload will impair the office’s standards on quality. Once mandated, KARST researches with up to date legal databanks and commentaries, placing emphasis on high value written statements with regards to content and formalities.
A: The office’s modern equipment provides clients with a wide range of contact and communication facilities. In addition to setting up an appointment or sending postal information to the office (Taunusstraße 46, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus), KARST can be reached telephonically (+ 49 6122 9291199). Lines will be open 24/7. KARST also provides you with the option to answer your questions online. For this option, please use this website’s contact form or send an email to info@karst.legal.

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